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Tuition is due at the first lesson of the month.
Late fees are $10.


1 half hour lesson per week= $100 x month

2 full hour lessons per month= $100 x month

2 half hour lessons per week=
$180 x month*

1 full hour lesson per week=

$180 x month

*Rates are per student, not per family.

Additional Lessons

Tuition is the same each month regardless of the number of lessons scheduled for the month, which varies from 3-5.

In the event that a student needs one more lesson for the month in order to prepare for an upcoming audition, performance, etc. Ms. Moeller may choose to offer one free lesson.

Otherwise, adding an additional lesson to the month is $30. 

Payment Options

There are several different options for submitting tuition payments:

1. Cash or Check hand delivered at the time of the first lesson of the month.

2. Electronic Check through your bank which is automatically mailed on the first day of the month.

3. Venmo or CashApp 

(send as friends/ family)

V @Whitney-LeeMoeller

C.A. $WhitneyLeeMo

(Please note that I no longer accept PayPal).



It is important that we adhere to our lesson times as scheduled as much as possible, as make up lessons are often difficult to arrange.

Ms. Moeller will always offer opportunities for make up lessons if she has to cancel your lesson, but will not necessarily be able to accommodate when the student has to cancel a lesson.


Check our Facebook Page @moellermusictulsa for seasonal specials and discounts 

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